Without Keyword research SEO is Pointless !!!

Without Keyword research SEO is Pointless !!!

Understand why it is important to SEO your website, As a buyer people see an advertisement on television during the program of their choice, from which they like some advertisement and some not and based on that they buy products.

The same process is seen in the computer world. You as a merchant want to get your website to the right buyer at the right time. So, it is important to pay attention to the following important points to do SEO in your website. like,

1) How to do keyword research

2) Getting your website ranked with the help of keywords, meaning reaching to the right buyer.

3) The most important aspect is where to put the keyword on the page of your website, etc.


So, understand that as a buyer, you go to Google or any other search engine and type something, this thing in SEO termed as keyword.Let’s understand in detail,

A Buyer/patient will try to get information about his medicine by typing “medicine for neck pain” in Google. Now as a SEO PERSON You have to decide which keyword you have to use in your Search engine optimization. Like here we have two word, (“medicine for pain in the neck” / “medicine for neck pain”). You have to select and put the MOSTLY USED KEYWORD in your website. But before that many other thing you need to do,

  • First if you want to make site at top, gather all the keyword from all the source starting from google, youtube, Keyword tool and other.
  • Make the list of them and then filter which one has more traffic and which one has less traffic.
  • Which keyword is short tail and which one is long tail? (Below I have define)
  • Can site be able to rank using short tail then make the backup of short tail otherwise for the beginner’s website use the long tail keyword in which already short tail keyword is included. (Prepare Excel sheet)
  • Your website may contain multiple pages so you have to decided which keyword I am going to use on which page. Ex. In blogger we have facility.
  • Get the help from google auto suggestion. Like when you type something in google search box at the same time in the dropdown you will see number of things suggested by GOOGLE. Use them and check the traffic. If traffic is less then put them in your List.

Keyword tool and keyword research

A Keyword tool service has been provided by Google for free. You can go through the link as shown in below as well as in the video I have specify the step-by-step process to reach to keyword planner in very simple manner. Click here

What is short tail and long tail keyword?

In today’s world people need complete information in less time, for example,

1) In the 20th century you may have seen that we have radio, TV. Etc. The equipment was limited, in which you could listen to the news, watch movies on television at the appointed time.

2) Times have changed, in modern times what we call the 21st century today, in which we have mobiles and other devices like tablets, etc., in which we can watch movies and other favorite programs at home at any time of our choice.

3) We have also seen many such videos on a medium like YouTube in which we also like to watch it by increasing its speed.

4) My point here is simply that the significance of the word short and long has increased in today’s age. Like we love to watch short movie. YouTube and Tik-tok like platform introduce the short clip videos.

So, let’s try to understand it in the terminology of SEO. You can use both (Short tail keyword and Long tail keyword) to increase the number of visitors to your website, but it is important for you to know when to use it first.

So, the shorter the competition the more. Something similar is found in the SEO world.

let’s take the keyword “Learn Flutter”. So, that’s a competitive keyword. It’s a little hard to get rank in Google search.

If I write “How to learn flutter”, “How to developer app using flutter,” this word, its competition in Google will be little less. Still people prefer this word and try to get the information from google using it. Here competition is less so it is easy for us to rank my site in google using this keyword. Which helps us to narrow our competition and make easier to rank.

This post is all about
what is keyword?
What is keyword mapping?
What is short tail and long tail keyword and when to use them?
I hope after reading this post you get the little idea about keyword. See you in the next blog post. If you like this detail please subscribe in the my blog to get the informative updates.

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