why seo is important for your online success

Why seo is important for your online success

So you have a business, that’s great. You want to go online to harness the advantages of the ever evolving internet. So what you do. you get a website developed from somewhere and host it on the net. Is it all done. Has your profit multiplied 3 – 4 times. Is your website attracting people. Well may be yours is a non profit website but then, is it pulling the crowds which it intends to having a website and maintaining it means money and time and there can be only two intentions for doing this, either its money or some popularity Have you succeeded on any one of those.

The answer for most of these would be a big

NO !……….

Why so. why is your website just a static few webpages on the internet and not attracting any visitors. You developed it with the best design, had the best web designers, the best flash content is there… yet why is it a so called failure… Reasons.

People don’t know about your website. if they don’t know, how will they visit.

Next question is… How to make people aware about the existence of your website.

People generally google out a website by putting in the key words for what they are looking. If your website does not feature on the first page of google search for a particular work, chances are that your website will have a very limited number of visitors.

So how to feature on the google search. How to improve on your google rank…

How to do this… that… will improve my website clicks…

All your anwers lie at one person HARSHIDA and company. We guys are great when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization). They will help you improve your website google rank drastically so that you get more clicks on your website and ultimately generate more revenue through the online model.

To say that they are the wizards of SEO wont be a misleading title. Trust me guys, they know what they are doing to your website and the results will be amazing for you.

Added the cost effectiveness, HARSHIDA and company is a big steal for your website. You can improve your business and develop it to the max value so as to earn more revenue from the same.

The friendly and supportive attitude of the guys from HARSHIDA and company will completely floor you to ground. The communication between you and them will always be an advantage as they are highly efficient in maintaining a 2 way communication through out the process.

I hope this would solve the doubts regarding as Why is my website not generating revenues.

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