Why Flutter uses Dart

Why flutter uses Dart!!!

In the field of programming, new languages are emerging day by day. If you are a programmer, you know the language of a computer (Like MVC, .NET Core, Java, PHP, Android etc) and you are working on it, then you may ask why I should study this new language?

So here you will see the important points. like,

1) Dart is inspired by many modern language C# (One of my favorite), Java, JS, Kotlin, Swift.

2) Dart works with OOPS language with C-style syntax and includes cross-platform.

3) Dart is developed by GOOGLE, and Flutter is based on Dart.

4) Dart can be used to build the mobile-based, desktop-based, server-side, web-based applications.

5) It will assist the developer in a great manager and provide the best experience to develop high-level mobile applications.

6) Dart is grown-up/incorporate with new features like GC, Type annotation, Productivity tools, etc. it is a combination of flexibility and robustness.

7) If you want to start practicing without installation then, open “https://dartpad.dev/? ” and start writing your code. Yes, but for extra practicing like writing on files and want to work with a custom library, you need to perform configuration operation.

As you can see in the above image Using MAIN() function Dart executes its code.

8) Most of the developers prefer to use Visual studio code while writing the code, which includes the supported plugin.

From programming point of view,

1) Dart is a strictly and strongly typed programming language. That means it is best practice to assign an explicit type.

2) Dart uses var keyword to declare the variable. For example “var name=” Hello World” “. And support datatype like number, string, booleans, List, and maps.

3) When your variable datatype in not defined then it’s default type is “Dynamic.”

4) Dart SDK comes with a set of tool that helps in the development phase. Some important tools are,

Dart: - It is a stand-alone Dart VM, executes the Dart Code. To execute Dart script, use “dart code.dart”((https://dart.dev/tools/dart-vm)

Dart2js (https://dart.dev/tools/dart2js): -the original Dart to Javascript compiler.

Dartanalyzer: - helps to identify the error early.

Some other tools like dartfmt, pub, dartdoc.And for WEB Development purpose we have dartdevc, webdev.

At last I am not saying you put aside your other knowledge (Like ASP.NET Core, MVC, Java, Android etc) and read the Flutter with dart. But you must keep updated yourself.It happens that all of a sudden you have a task using this language (Flutter with Dart) and at that time you can do it very easily if you have knowledge of Flutter.From my point of view, I can say DART can be the mature successor of Javascript. So start learning.

If you want to work, then watch my installation process video, the problems faced by me.(Sorry for the audio)

After successful installation, when you create a new flutter project it will show you this image that means you are ready to go.

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