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SEO: What is Keyword Density!!!

Keyword Density: –
When you read a letter or an article, the word is repeated from time to time in its paragraph. This repetition of the word is called keyword density in SEO terminology.

Now before we go further in the terminology of SEO, let me ask you a question. If a word is repeated too many times while you are reading an article or a letter, would you like to read the whole letter?

The answer to your question would be “no“.

Something similar can be seen here, we know that by doing SEO, the site ranks higher in Google’s database, and our business grows. But before doing this you need to be very careful, in which you can consider key-word density as an important aspect.

According to SEO experts, if the keyword density of your letter or article is less than 5%, it is very beneficial. For that they divide your paragraph into 2 to 3 parts. Such as 1-word, 2-word or 3- or 4-word keywords. For example

1) 1 word: – Angular

2) 2 words: – .net core

3) 3rd or 4th word: – Angular and Dotnet

According to SEO expert, it is very important that the keyword density in each segment should be less than 5%. Today, with the development of technology, the search engines that we use the most have evolved a lot.

If you think that I will repeat the keyword in my article from time to time and my website succeeds in ranking in Google, it will be your big mistake. Doing so could also cause your website to move backwards from Google’s database. Today’s Google catches this type of keyword stuffing very easily. So, when you write an article, it is very important to make sure that the article you write is read by more and more people but at the same time the repetition of your very, very important keyword in it should be less.

Niche Article: –

Another important aspect of ranking your website in Google is that the information contained in your website article is unique. There are many tools and websites to do this nowadays such as, (https://answerthepublic.com/).

When you open above website and enter your keyword like for ex. “dotnet core”

This website will give the number of options like

1) What is new in dotnet core?

2) Where is dotnet core gets installed?

3) What are the system requirements to install dotnet core?

4) How much I can earn if become dotnet core developer?

Using it you can easily make your article attractive to people’s eyes. When you first use this website, keep in mind that you may find a limited amount of information in it. Because you are using this website for free. You can get information on 2 or 3 keywords in a day. If you want to get information on more than 3 keywords, you must become a premium member.

I hope you are working on the information provided by me. Thank you.

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