What is deep learning!!!

What is deep learning!!!

Deep learning, many of you have heard this word. The foremost question arises in our my what is it? Why people are discussing this topic widely? Well, before we dive deep in, have you heard about the DRIVERLESS CAR. Here comes deep learning.

In all my previous blog posts I have discussed the word “Machine learning” and also run code using google colab. If you haven’t read any then here is the link kindly take a look at it. Click Here

Deep learning is a family member of machine learning, it tells our computer to act according to the idea that runs through the human brain. You know that there are billions of neurons in our brain, and many of them are interconnected. That is what we are going to try to recreate, using artificial neural net/ artificial structure. We use it to mimic the functions that take place in our brains. This neural network or structure works as backbone of deep learning.

Let’s understand in very basic term.

Suppose you and your friend are discussing something, and you have some thoughts in your mind. So, our brain has some input and based on that it will finally decide, either you say it to your friend or not say it. In general, before you say anything to your friend your brain had gone through several stages like “Say It”, ” no-no don’t” again “say it”. So here all the calculation processes going on a layer by layer. That’s what the target we are trying to achieve here using deep learning or neural network. The term deep means a number of hidden layers in the network. Our network will perform very complex calculation and finally gives us the output result.

In today’s world it is used in various ways like, as in the beginning, I have used the word driverless car. Using the network, it will identify the traffic light and work accordingly. It not only used in car driving but also useful in various activities like defense, medical research, etc.

In deep learning, a model works classification task using image, sound, or text. One of the famous deep neural networks is CNN. CNN stands as convolutional neural networks.

It detects or extract the features of images by going through process called hidden layer. And finally identify what is inside the image? For example, Human, dog, rat, lion etc.

Now the question arises what to choose Machine learning or deep learning? Which one works better way? What is the difference between machine learning and deep learning?

Well, if your totally beginner in Machine learning and deep learning then here, I am providing you very rough idea, all your questions have a very basic answer. In machine learning, we manually choose the features and classifier to identify the image or sort the image. while in deep learning, modeling steps and features extraction works automatically.

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