Xamarin  Interview Question And  Answer  Series Part 1


Q1) What is Xamarin Profiler? A1)  We can easily investigate the App's behavior with the help of Xamarin Profiler.  So  it works as a monitoring tool.  

A monitoring tool to keep track of the information about a Xamarin application inside the Visual Studio. Application's memory information along with its statistics can be monitored with the help of Xamarin Profiler.

Q2) Whatis Services in Xamarin.Android?

A2)  The words services means its runs in the background continuously even if the application is destroyed.

Android service is a module that is used to operate processes on the background such as handle network transactions, playing music, downloading files, etc.

Q3) How to write swift code in .cs file for xamarin?

A3)  var param = new NSDictionary();   UIApplication.SharedApplication.OpenUrl(new NSUrl("https://google.com"), param, (completed) =>    {    if (completed)    {   }    else    {   }    });

Q4) Explain Commands in Xamarin. Forms?

A4) In MVVM design pattern, we bind data between View Model and UI and logic.

There can be some commands invoked by the user and they must be reacted which affects the View Model. These commands are linked with a Button click or Tap event.

These events are handled by handlers. Such commands must enforce to use ICommand interface, and we need to declare the suitable Click or Tap handlers.

To utilize the command interface, we must declare a data binding that aims at the Command Property of the Button

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