ASP.NET WEB API  Interview Question Part 1

Q)  What is SOA ( Service-Oriented Architecture)?

A) Developer always prefere reusability in code. So,  i) SOA is kind of an architectural design pattern which means that...

every component of a system should be a service. ii) .NET Web services and WCF are based on SOA. iii) Services should be independent. Which means...

our system composed of several loosely-coupled services  iv) SOAP , UDDI, and WSDL are the core  pieces of the SOA infrastructure.

Q) What is Parameter Binding? 

A) To get the data from the request URL or Body and perform mapping is part of  Parameter Binding.

II) Web API support parameter binding or model binding by using HttpParameterBinding class.

III) [FromUri] and [FromBody] attributes are used to get value from the request.

Receiving parameters can be primitive type or complex type.

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