How to send the token in header angular

To perform the sending token in angular we need to use the interceptor. So, if we make any HTTP call that interceptor will fire. Step 1) Create one .ts file named MyInterCeptor.ts file and placed the below code. Step 2) Open module.ts file Multivalue means, In future you can change the class if you have … Read more

Protect Yourself from UPI Frauds

Amidst the growing demand for online transactions, India faces a number of cyber security problems. Due to which hackers can easily snatch money from people’s accounts. With the increasing use of UPI, the opportunities for cyberattacks are increasing. Internet banking and mobile banking are also at risk. Online fraudsters often deceive people by creating fake … Read more

What Is DevOps and How Does It Work?

What Is DevOps : It is Emerging New Technologies in Software Development New technology is evolving at lightning speed in the present. The three leading technologies that will be more prevalent in the future include Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Robotics. But software is the foundation for any technology. The software infrastructure for … Read more

How to protect the phone from virus

Almost everyone has a smartphone today. A lot of our real work is now being done on our mobile phones. However, with the advent of convenience, there are some dangers. The incidence of cyber fraud on smartphones is increasing nowadays. As humans, we often download applications in which virus is already present. If you want … Read more

Getting started with Visual Studio | Windows

Getting started with Visual Studio, Read More !!! How do I download and install Visual Studio code? Download and install in your system. How to open visual studio command prompt? How do I add an extension to Visual Studio code? OR OPEN Visual Studio Code How do you use prettier code formatter or code? Using … Read more