With the plethora of online training institutes available to the student, in the current scenario, caveat emptor ( buyer beware ) is the buzz word for students and parents interested that their child gets some use of the internet revolution.

The main attributes which are described as short comings of the online method is the fact that it becomes increasingly difficult for online institutes to make a classroom like environment and stimulate come discussions and enrich the experience of the student community.

I am inclined to make your learning the best so that you have the maximum benefit of the course that you have undertaken. You will be provided a compassionate tutor who will not be a tutor, but a friend, philosopher and a guide for you in the days to come so that when you are taking your course, you don’t feel materially connected with us, but also emotionally.

HOW TO EVALUEATE A WEBSITE FOR ONLINE EDUCATION : this is perhaps one of the most important question that any student faces while selecting from a plethora of websites on the net.

Here I would try to provide some parameters which should guide you in deciding the process of selecting an online education website.

The website has been around for how many years ?

Are there any testimonials of students available for checking the credentials for the afore said website ?

(you have a right to argue that testimonials can be fabricated.)

Does the website provide you any significant free demo, tour of their offerings.

Price. This will be the deciding factor in your decision for opting for a particular website for a particular course.

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