What is keyword density

SEO: What is Keyword Density!!! Keyword Density: – When you read a letter or an article, the word is repeated from time to time in its paragraph. This repetition of the word is called keyword density in SEO terminology. Now before we go further in the terminology of SEO, let me ask you a question. … Read more

Read your Customer mind before SEO

Read your Customer mind before SEO As an SEO Person, the most important aspect of yours’s is, your client’s website/product gets to sell and earns a profit. Here below, I have specified some important points. Point no 1. Use another platform as well to sell products. For example, Amazon, Flipkart: – Now using the keyword … Read more

Without Keyword research SEO is Pointless !!!

Without Keyword research SEO is Pointless !!! Understand why it is important to SEO your website, As a buyer people see an advertisement on television during the program of their choice, from which they like some advertisement and some not and based on that they buy products. The same process is seen in the computer … Read more

Search Engine Optimization

DESIGN YOUR CAREER ON THE INTERNET Our SEO course will equip you to consider, how the search engines function, what is that people are looking, with what terms and what is the preferred term for a particular search. To optimize a website, you may have to makes some content related changes along with HTML to … Read more

why seo is important for your online success

Why seo is important for your online success So you have a business, that’s great. You want to go online to harness the advantages of the ever evolving internet. So what you do. you get a website developed from somewhere and host it on the net. Is it all done. Has your profit multiplied 3 … Read more

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization Q. What is Link’s popularity? A. Link popularity is one of the most important aspects of search engine ranking algorithms. In fact, link popularity has become increasingly important for achieving top search engine visibility. Link popularity tells the search engine how many websites are linking to your website, which gives a really … Read more