Search Engine Optimization


Our SEO course will equip you to consider, how the search engines function, what is that people are looking, with what terms and what is the preferred term for a particular search. To optimize a website, you may have to makes some content related changes along with HTML to increase the relevance to key words and remove obstacles to the indexing activities done by search engines.

The basic principle behind all the search engines remains more or less, the minor differences between them can lead to major changes for relevant results. Different search engines have different criteria which they think is important.

The art lies in getting a website to work equally efficiently with Google, Bing Yahoo . This will eventually lead to more profits. Search Engine Optimization is a thirst for increased visibility in the search engines by making use of relevant content, links domain trust, And social networking.

How does it Help?

SEO will bring more traffic to the web site through the means of search engines. This traffic ultimately turns into leads or prospective clients for business associated with the web site. Millions of searches are online at anytime of the day, so in a way people are looking for almost anything and everything on the search engine. SEO will help businesses to obtain a higher rank in the search engines and thus increase the bottom line i.e. profits.

What do we teach in SEO Course?

We are a quality online training provider and provide SEO classes to candidate who want to pursue a glorious career in this field. We cover all the facets of Search Engine Optimization Techniques that we think are necessary for a web site to become popular on the net using search engines as a medium.

The course encompasses 3 main sections

Internet Fundamentals

We provide students the basic knowledge about Internet, Domains, and Other Internet based technologies that form a core of the course curriculum

Optimization Onsite

We help you recognize some key factors for Optimization to be done onsite. This can be compared to having our own shop organized, before our major customer, (search engine) visits us. This will form 35-40 % of total SEO course. We try and undertake a practical approach during this course and encourage students to learn through experience.

Optimization Off site

This session is comparable to an advertising process where we make students learn the aspects to make a website popular globally. It further teaches a student how to manage a successful and professional off site optimization campaign to make a concerned business popular.

Job Consulting

Harshida is committed to grow your career to the best of your potential. A student graduating from us gets ample opportunities to get interview calls from other companies as we start marketing their resume from day 1. SEO people are sought after highly in the market and so, any one desirous to kick start his career on this glorious pathway to success should join OUR SEO class today.

This Course is for

Any person with basic computer knowledge who may or may not be a graduate can join our SEO class.

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