What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization

Q. What is Link’s popularity?

A. Link popularity is one of the most important aspects of search engine ranking algorithms. In fact, link popularity has become increasingly important for achieving top search engine visibility.

Link popularity tells the search engine how many websites are linking to your website, which gives a really good indication of how popular or important your site is.

If the backlinks to your website are coming from a website that is similar or relevant to your website then it has more weight as compared to a backlink from a general website/category.

Q. What is your directory submission service?

A. Directory submission is a process of submitting websites to other websites and directories to improve link popularity. Directory submission is more effective when proper title and descriptions are selected while submitting links to other directories and links are submitted to relevant categories.

In our directory submission services, we submit your website to 100 or more websites and directories into the 3 categories provided by you. We will check if your website is already listed in any of those directories.

If we found your website in those directories, we will skip that directory and choose the next available directory from our database.

Q. Please provide details about the directories where you will be submitting our website.

We will be submitting your website to 100+ Free, search engine-friendly directories. These directories receive high web traffic and have good Page rank and search engine rankings.

The directories are frequently crawled by all search engines to index the newly submitted websites. All directories have a good acceptance ratio for websites having decent content and at least 2-3 pages.

Some of the websites approve links immediately while others take 24-48 hours or more depending on their submission queue.

We will be publishing these web directories on our website very soon in a different module in our next update.

For now, we will send you the list of websites where we have submitted your link, with more details about our submission process and how can you track your submissions later on.

Q. I have a website, how can I use your directory submission services?

A. Please follow these steps for registering your website for directory submissions services.
1. If you have own/maintain a website, then take some time and prepare a good title, which includes your business-related keywords and a good brief description for your website.
2. Register with us by using the http://www.xyz.com/register.php form and provide your details.
3. You will receive an email on the account you had provided while registering. Click on the link inside the email to activate your account.
4. After activating your account, Login and Click on Website Listings to submit your website URL for our directory submission services.
5. Pay us $10 using PayPal on sales@xyz.com.
6. After your payment is complete, Sit back and relax while we will work on your submission as per your turn in our submission queue. You can check the status of your submission anytime by contacting us using available Chat messengers or by email.
7. After the submission process is complete, we will send you a report, displaying the list of directories with Categories/Subcategories where we have submitted your website.
8. We will be providing the details that you had given us while submitting your website to our system.

So you may receive a few emails in your account from certain directories which will ask you to click on the activation link to approve your listing in their directory.

You will need to take care of replying to any/all emails that you may receive while your directory submission process is going on.
9. You will receive an email with a report from us after your 100 site submission is complete.

We will also provide you the details of where we have submitted your website and guidelines on how can you track your website submission on those directories.
10. We will request you to provide us feedback for our work and refer some more friends/websites our way.

Q. I have many websites, how can I use your directory submission services?

A. If you have more than one website OR if you are planning to submit more websites in our system after your first website submission is complete, then you can use the same user name and same login details to submit new websites.

Please follow the following steps for submitting additional websites in our system.
1. If you are submitting your first website in our system, then read the answer to the question above.
2. If you are submitting your 2nd website in our system, then you can log in using the login details that you had created while submitting your first website.
3. Login into your account and click on Website Listings and then click on Submit to provide the website details.
4. Pay us $10 using Paypal on sales@xyz.com. for each website that you have submitted to our system.
5. After payment is complete, we will send you an email for the confirmation of your orders and will inform you about the time when your website submissions will be complete.
6. Same steps as in the question above.

Q. I own a web design & development or Search engine optimization firm, How can I get benefit from your services?

A. Web Design & Development, Search engine optimization firms with existing clients and with new clients approaching them for link submission and directory submission services, can contact us for helping them in providing quality directory submission services at very reasonable rates. ($10 for 100 submissions.)

By forwarding your link submission, directory submission service requests to us you can concentrate on finding more clients and managing their other requests.

You can charge your clients $20, $50, or even $100 for these 100 submissions and can pay us $10 for our services.

We will provide a complete guarantee and assurance that all the websites will be submitted manually by our experienced search engine optimization executives and you will not feel any difference between directory submission done at our end or at your office.

Q. I have a web hosting company, how can I use your services to increase my business and client base?

A. Attract new clients by offering them Free directory submission services.

As a New or established web hosting company, you can provide each of your new/existing clients some special hosting offers and our directory submission package for free with your hosting package.

You can offer this service as a free bonus to all new clients or clients who pay for one 1year of hosting.

Your clients will be happy by receiving such added bonuses with your current hosting service and will continue to use your services for a longer time.

Q. I still have more doubts and questions about your services Or I need more details on this service, what should I do?

A. If you are still thinking about using this service OR if you still have any other questions which are not answered by our FAQs section, please send us an email at support@xyz.com. and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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