Reasons Why Flutter App Development is Trending in 2021

Reasons Why Flutter App Development is Trending in 2021

Have you heard about CROSS PLATFORM DEVELOPMENT!!!

If so then I guess you are in programming world or planning to become a part of programming world.

But before that let’s understand why the CROSS PLATFORM in picture.

Nowadays, people like to buy their necessities through mobile because of pandemics like coronavirus.

It is a daunting task for a business class who is finding it difficult to run their business in these difficult times to build their mobile application for different devices.

So here comes the developer with NEW IDEA “CROSS PLATFORM DEVELOPMENT”.

CROSS PLATFORM DEVELOPMENT means DEVELOPMENT OF SOFTWARE which can run for multiple operating system. ARE GUYS facing problem to understand this sentence then let me elaborate it in very simple word.

If you want to develop one app in Android with the supported framework like Java language and for IOS, the framework based on Objective-C / Shift language. You need to write code in TWO DIFFERENT language. Which is very time consuming and also give pressure to the client / business class wallet for the development.

So, to reduce the time and save money of human being this new idea” CROSS PLATFORM DEVELOPMENT “takes a step in developing field.

Now here we are talking about FLUTTER Right?

Why extremely in trending!!!

BECAUSE “A framework developed by GOOGLE.!!! “

We all have trust on google, starting from creating simple mail account and store our information to GOOGLE PAY.

Now let dive deep in it.

Flutter, allows you to learn one language (Dart) and build beautiful native mobile apps from single code base without compromising performance or speed, quality.

A developer needs to write common/single code for both Android and IOS. In future GOOGLE will extend it support to another platform as well.

It has rich set of many ready to use widgets which is also terms as pre- styled and pre- built UI elements, which you can use to compose your user interfaces in very short time period.

Some features

  • Fast development
  • Reactive and Modern framework
  • High performance application
  • Customization capability and extendibility, makes it even more powerful.

If you are planning to learn in depth then watch my YouTube channel video of FLUTTER.

So, what are you thinking business class give me/FLUTTER all your worries and get ready to give your dreams a new flight again?

And for my dear developer I would like to tell you that learning new things every day and facing new difficulties is a part of life. So let’s get start together and learn a new language.


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