Read your Customer mind before SEO

Read your Customer mind before SEO

As an SEO Person, the most important aspect of yours’s is, your client’s website/product gets to sell and earns a profit. Here below, I have specified some important points.

Point no 1.

Use another platform as well to sell products. For example,

Amazon, Flipkart: – Now using the keyword “buy people’s biography”, your (Client) website may not be in the top inside Google, so the main target of your client is to sell his product/book and earn money. So, for that, you can put the product on a website like “Amazon, Flipkart” and try to bring it to the top.

Point No 2.

Nowadays you use the search engine (GOOGLE) to buy a product like a book, grocery, computer, and other items, at the same time you also see the related product that is located near you. There are many other reasons responsible for showing you the related product, out of them the address you wrote on the “Contact Us” page in which you have also specify other information such as contact number, pin code number plays a very important part for your website ranking in GOOGLE.

Point No 3.

It is also important to pay attention to the type of item that people will search for on Google during the upcoming festival.

In a festival like Diwali, people, for example, pay attention to the cleanliness of the whole house. So, you should try to sell the item used in cleaning at a discounted price.

Likewise, at a festival like Christmas, people prefer to buy the necessary items to decorate the Christmas tree. So, you should put the relevant item and keyword on your website and do SEO of that page so that more and more people will come to your website and you will benefit after-sales.

Point No 4.

Use a sales team to get more customers. Here you can see how?

When your item reaches the customer then you should also urge the customer that if they like the item they bought then the customer also writes the REVIEW on that product. For ex. Many customers buy the product after reading the review given by other customers. This thing builds trust in other customers and encourages them to buy the product from the same vendor.

Always give a quick response to customers when they ask a question. This will also help your business.

Point No 5.

Study your competitor’s website very carefully and make an excel sheet and note down all the keywords used by your competitor on his website. Also, check the ranking of your competitor’s website, like where it is now (For example 1st Page and 6th position).

People search the product in a different way like “sale in IND”, “Sale in India”, “IND sale store near me”. Keep your eye on it as well.

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