Protect Yourself from UPI Frauds

Amidst the growing demand for online transactions, India faces a number of cyber security problems. Due to which hackers can easily snatch money from people’s accounts. With the increasing use of UPI, the opportunities for cyberattacks are increasing.

Internet banking and mobile banking are also at risk. Online fraudsters often deceive people by creating fake websites in the name of the bank. Sometimes OTP fraud also happens.

Money can disappear from your account in a jiffy if the proper security system is not followed. Here are some safety tips to prevent this from happening. You can easily protect yourself and your account by following this.

  • First of all understand that OTP will not come on your phone till you make a transaction, if OTP comes without transaction then you need to be careful.
  • If something like this is happening, it means that cyber gangs have a lot of information about your bank account.
  • The first way to avoid such scams is to keep your bank account information from time to time. If your mobile number has changed, let the bank know immediately.
  • Also, check your credit card account details at least once a week.
  • Never make the mistake of clicking on any suspicious link on your phone number or email id.
  • If you accidentally clicked on it, do not fill out any online form on the newly opened page. This is how a phishing attack can happen.
  • Cyber gangs are trying to get personal details like mobile number, email address, internet bank id etc. in this way, so be careful.

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