This is not another blog directed to draw out the differences of open and proprietary software. The main reason for writing this blog is that you get a clear idea of what you want for your business, i.e. whether open source or proprietary software.

To start off… you should know clearly what do both the terms mean…… open source means you do not have to pay a license fee for the software technology you are using. Further, proprietary software means that you pay a license fee to a particular company for using their authorized software…

Here, I am not going to tell you that this is good or this is bad, I will present some facts before you so that you can evaluate them yourselves and analyze your requirements.

First to go open source software is highly scalable and modifiable. You can use it as per your requirement. Your staff does not have to change their working style because of a software installation.

This can go a long way in the success or failure of implementing a software open or proprietary. Reason, if the people who are going to use the software are not ready to change, then the software itself is not going to run on itself. Open of proprietary, the software will be needed to operate by some human, and if this human is not willing to change his behavior for the software, you have a meeting with failure.

This is one of the main reason why open source software scores over proprietary software. Take an example. A vendor X is selling a proprietary software for a certain license fee. However he wont make a software that suits the intricacies of your business. He will build a generalized software and you are required to modify your processes to adjust to the software, which can entail huge costs.

Another question that crops up is the fact of up gradation, you have to approach the same vendor X for the up gradation for your software which may or may not be responded favorably by vendor X.

In comparison, the open source software allows to upgrade as per your requirement without any extra cost, except for the programming which may go through.

I am NOT making a statement that open source software is the best, but considering the pros and cons of both the sides, open source definitely gets a hands up from my side, now the ball is in your court gentlemen………..

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