Fortran Basics and Its Use in Various Applications

Fortran Basics and Its Use in Various Applications: Read More !!! Fortran is a general purpose imperative programming language, especially suited to scientific and numeric computations. In addition to scientific computing, Fortran is also suitable for use in other programming languages, such as Pascal and C. For more information, read our comprehensive guide to Fortran. … Read more

Overview of Entity Framework Core

Entity Framework core: Overview To dive deep in make sure that you have basic knowledge about what is .net Framework and .net Core? In this blog post, we will learn what is Entity framework and what is entity framework core? How both of them work? What is an entity framework? Entity Framework 1 was first … Read more

What is deep learning!!!

What is deep learning!!! Deep learning, many of you have heard this word. The foremost question arises in our my what is it? Why people are discussing this topic widely? Well, before we dive deep in, have you heard about the DRIVERLESS CAR. Here comes deep learning. In all my previous blog posts I have … Read more

Flutter is the only option!!!

Flutter is the only option!!! That was the question arises in your mind before starting your career as a flutter developer.Many other options allow us to create apps that are in one language and can work on Android and iOS devices. Forex. Ionic, React Native, and others. Each has its unique importance, pros, and cons. … Read more

What is Flutter?

Everything is a Widget, put everything in one Widget ??? You are reading this article just because you are interested to learn a new programming language or interested in developing a mobile app using FLUTTER. Before getting started let me give you definitions of some of the important keywords like “SDK”, “DART”, “NATIVE CODE”,” WIDGET”. … Read more