Myths about online training

Myths about online training

1. Online Courses are Easier

This is definitely the most prominent myth among the general public prevailing in the current situation. If you are doing a graduate online course, then believe me, the content of the course would be exactly similar to a course that you would attend by going to a college. You will need to put in as much effort as in a regular college course as compared to an online course. Just because it is an online course does not mean you will be getting a water down version of the complete course. If this is what you are thinking, then you are completely mistaken.

2. There’s No Personal Attention and Communication with Other Students.

This is another popular myth that people have developed over the passage of time. Because you are sitting alone in a room and attending an online class, you harbor the feeling that there will be no personal attention for you and neither will you interact with any body. But today, as the online education is developing there are various means and devices which enable you to contact the tutor live and also simultaneously interact with group of other students.
You are here with Harshida, take due care that each and every student is getting personal attention and that he participates actively in the discussions.

3. You Must be a Computer Whiz to Take Online Courses.

This is another major myth that people develop because of the feeling, that people using computers in an accomplished way only can take online courses.
You should have a basic knowledge of computers, internet and desirably a broad band internet connection to start off with your learning online. Here at with Harshida Parmar, we will provide you help before we start your online course so that you are comfortable with the medium by which you are going to experience online coaching.

4. Online Schools Aren’t As Good.

This is an utterly wrong statement, as regarding the facts, you can get your degree from any university of your desire, and now, with the plethora of students opting for online education, many business houses have started considering online degrees valid for employment. In fact they do consider it more valuable than a college degree because of the extra input that you had to provide to get the online degree for a particular subject.

5. Online Courses are Expensive.

This is definitely not true. Because you do not require a building or any other tangible resource for creating an online training medium, online courses are definitely cheaper, than any course of similar stature you may take in brick and mortar form. Also with the increasing internet awareness among the general public, one can safely bet that the course fees for online courses are definitely on the decline.

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