MVC Project using angular | Project Structure in Angular

MVC Project using angular, Read More !!!

In this blog post, we are going to start our project for an online shopping website using MVC and Angular.

Here in this blog post, we will see the Project structure. Follow the step as shown in down below images. And then we are good to go start our project.

As a back-end, we will use the SQL Server.

Step:-1 Select the Project and then select the blank solution. Specify the configuration details as shown in image3.

Step:-2 Now new project get’s created as shown in the image.

Step:-3 Now select it and right-click and add layers that will be necessary for project completion. You need to follow this step several times. So When I say create a new project make sure that you click on the main solution and then click on Add–>New Project.

Step:-4 Add Class library And add proper configuration details.

Step:-5 Again Add new project

Step:-6 Again Add a new project

Step:-7 Again Add a new project for .NET

Step:-8 Now as you can see in the above image our 4 project gets created in our application.

Step:-9 Again add new project

Step:-10 Add New folder in ModelDomian Project as shown in below.

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