Install google drive

What is Google Drive?

Google drive is place where you can place all your important document, photos,sheets and slides. Using google drive not only you can save your documents but also you can easily share them with your friends and family or your colleagues.

But there is limitation of Google Drive, for free user you can store upt0 15 GB data. If you wish to add more than you need to upgrade your account.

So let’s just start our proces and learn how step by step we can work with GMAIL account.

Step 1) Login with you gmail account.

Step 2) Click on the manage your google account button as shown in the image.

Step 3) Here you can see by default google provide us the 15GB free space. To updrage the account click on the “Manage Storage”.

Step 4) You can srore the data UPTO 2TB in your one Gmail Account.

Step 5) To use Google Drive click on the button as shown in the image.

Step 6) Here you go you can use the Google drive from your Chrome Browser. No if you wish to use the google drive in your Windows then you need to download it.

Step 7) Click on the DOWNLOAD button as shown in down below.

Step 8) After the download process done click on the Show in Floder and Run it.

Step 9) Click on the Get Started.

Step 10) fill the account details like your Email address.

Step 11) Enter the Password

Step 12) If two- step authentication is ON in your gmail account then only this window will be pop-up.

Step 13) Unchecked all the checked option. Create new folder in your PC or LAPTOP, and then after here click on the Choose Folder.

Step 14) Here is the Folder which I am using for my Google Drive.

Step 14) As you can see the selected folder is CHECKED here. Now click on the NEXT BUTTON shown in downbelow.

Step 15) Click on the START Button to reach to the FINAL STEP.

Yes, all the file will be sync with Folder. To check that everything is perfect or not? Open the GOOGLE Drive from GOOGLE CHROME and As shown in the above image you can see that our folder in in sync with Drive.’

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