How to use GIT Hub

How to use GIT Hub, Read More !!!

What is the use of GIT?

It is used for version control. It is a kind of version controlling system. Currently, there are so many version controllers present in the market some of them are premium also but nowadays people preferred to use GIT.

Also we had VSTS, Microsoft was authorized. Currently, so many people used it.

The use of VSTS is “Multiple user single branch”.

While in GIT “Multiple user multiple branch, Single user multiple branch (any pairing is possible)”.

Number version controller is like,

1) Microsoft Azure.

2) Bit Bucket (Owner Atlassian).

3) Git-Lab (Ticket management also perform here)

4) Git-Hub

Currently, Microsoft has bought GitHub.

GIT Command

1) Git Clone

Here I am giving you the example of GIT Hub. But you can easily get the idea.

Open and try to perform the registration operation. Then after trying by yourself, DESIGN REPO.

Now let’s idea regarding Cloning.

• You can perform the cloning operation by using SSH and HTTPS.

Which one is more secure SSH OR HTTPS?

• SSH but nowadays at the enterprise-level people use HTTPS.

Who uses the SSH?

• The person who has work-related to the machine-oriented or high level of codes.

Those are more-more concerned about security violation, those people design using SSH keys.

What is GitHub Desktop?

• It is a kind of UI. Like Big bucket has a Source tree.

After Cloning next thing came into picture it like “Your boss will assign you the story.

The story contains some number like HOSMNGT-1900 (Imagine it as ticket number)”.

So you have to design the feature branch. “git checkout –b HOSMNGT-1900”. Using this command new branch gets generated.

Now each branch has a source.

As you can see in the above image, it shows the branching Graph. For example, the standard organization can never violate the graph.

What is Branching Graph?

The Graph has a pattern. When the team decide the project management at that time they also design the branching strategy. Like for example “feature” always move to the DEV.

Feature–> Dev–> release UAT DEV PROD-BLUE PROD-GREEN (PROD means Production).

Whenever the ticket design parallels the estimation also join. Here is the example

“HOSMNGT-1900 5”, here you specify the 5 story point means you required 5 days to complete the task. Also remember the time period (5 Days For example), your DOD (Definition of DONE) must be finished within 80% of time period.

What is branching?

So from a website point of view consider HOME PAGE, About Page. This is termed branching.

How can we get all the Branching details?

USE of “GIT BRANCH” Command to get all the branching details.

USE of “GIT STATUS” Will show me how many changes files are there.

Use of “GIT ADD”, there are different ways to use GIT Add, Like you can use the “GIT ADD .”, “Git add *.ts”.

What are “GIT ADD *.ts” and “GID ADD .”?

The first one will check-in only .ts files. While the second command will check in all the files.

What is “GIT Commit –m “ADMOBS-1900: Working on Home Page” ”?

Give the perfect comment. So in the future easily get it.

What is Ticket?

The ticket is a kind of user story. In the beginning, it will be on the TO DO list. When development gets started then the status will be “On-Going”.

Later the status will be “Complete -> Testing IN QA -> Blocker -> QA Verified -> FAIL or FINAL APPROVED”.

What is Blocker?

Imagine that you are performing a payment integration task in your project.

And somehow any change in the strategy, and they said ok you have buy the premium thing but we have some change so at that time you cannot continue with the feature. This is moved in the blocker.

What is the “GIT PULL ORIGIN feature/ ADMOBS-1900”?

We need to use the PULL why because imagine that two user working on the same branch. We need to perform the GIT Pull.

What is “GIT PUSH ORIGIN feature/ ADMOBS-1900”?

This is how you can generate the feature and later you can generate the PR.

What is “Git Fetch –all”?

It will fetch the changes/log which had done at REPO Level.

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