How to learn Machine Learning?

How to learn Machine Learning: Steps you need follow

How to Start a Career in AI and Machine Learning?

Whether you were a technologist today or not, you may have heard the word machine learning in various newspapers, magazines, mobiles, etc.

Then two questions will arise in your mind, such as,

What is machine learning?

Why is machine learning so important these days?

So let’s get started a lot to know a lot to discuss, Suppose you don’t have computer knowledge in-depth and same way many others don’t have complete knowledge. Still, you and other people nowadays use social media; there is no one who doesn’t have his or her own account in social media.

Facebook, for example, gives you the option to tag a photo when you upload a photo of yourself in it. Which Facebook already has the information of your friends and family members. This process is called a machine learning algorithm.

Likewise, when you speak to get information on your mobile, it is also a part of the machine learning algorithm.

Alright, the question that comes to your mind is whether machine learning is used everywhere and how this new technology affects human life?

The answer to the first question is “yes” mostly around, and the answer to the second question is with its use, many tasks can be solved very quickly in today’s fast-paced life.

Let’s understand where else it is used in today’s hectic life; It is used by data scientists today to save lives and find information about new planets and astronomical events, image classification, speech recognition, market forecasting, and many more.

With its use, the tasks of your present life can be done easily as well as you can predict the time to come.

In the future, when I post the new update on this topic that We will discuss but if you are already familiar with and interested in starting learning then these are the three BASIC models of machine learning:-

regression, classification, and clustering.

What general knowledge should be required to learn machine learning?

We use “Python” or “R” to study machine learning. But it is appropriate that you know either “Python” or “R”; you do not need to know both languages. The extension of the Python file is “. ipynb”.

What is used for machine learning practice?
1) Google Colaboratory
2) Jupyter Notebook or Spyder in Anaconda.

What is Google Colaboratory?

With the help of a Google Colaboratory, you can write and run the functions of your Python file using a browser.

To use Google Colaboratory, You usually have an account in Gmail to use the computer.

Why is Machine learning with Google Colaboratory super easy!!!

1) It has a free and open-source Jupyter Notebook environment.

2) The required data science library is already present in it. That means you don’t need to install any software, required packages, dependency, etc.

What is Jupyter Notebook?

A Jupyter Notebook is a kind of open-source web application that allows you to perform new tasks/work/projects and share your tasks/work/project with others.

When using a Jupyter Notebook, you have to reach its official website and follow the given path to install.

Same way, if you wish to work with “Spyder in Anaconda,” Visit the official website.
For your interest, In my next blog post, I will introduce how to work with these three.

It is very important for us to have information about the technology on which the coming human or human society and, in other words, the future of the earth is connected.

So what do you think, friends? Let us study machine learning together; I hope you have found good information from this article. Stay connected with me, and for that, you have to subscribe to my blog so that the information of every upcoming article reaches you.

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