How to become software developer

How to become software developer

OK, So now you have decided to make a career in software programing. But what and how the hell will you make it to the top. Who will be your mentor, add fuel to your insatiable hunger to succeed in this brutal field of programing/

Let me try and help all of those confused souls with some advice, if you care to read further :

You have decided on your career path for programing. That’s great now remain firm whatever may happen, because this will not be a bed of roses.

What initial knowledge do you have about programing except that programmers make a good living.

Do you know about the work that a programmer puts in to learn a language, do you have any idea of the midnight oil burning one is compulsory supposed to do.

Now, I am In no way threatening you not become one software programmer, but am only giving you my insights, which you may like or dislike.

Lets say start with basics, every programmer should be having a deep understanding of the basics which I would say starts from C i.e. the foundation of Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Once you have a clear idea about this you must be graduating to higher languages like C++,C #.

You may also want to try out your hand on ASP

If you are going to become a successful programmer, you have to learn database management, that would include MySQL, etc.

Now, you are an arts student and don’t want to be in the programing stuff, but still are inclined to have a career in the software industry. right.

Don’t worry, the IT industry will satisfy your quench for success depending on how thirsty you are.

There are courses in web designing where you can show your creative genius to build artistic mesmerizing websites.

For this you will have to learn Flash, Dreamweaver, etc.

Ok… so now I have told you all about what to do and how to go about it. But now the 100 $ question where can I learn all this and I don’t have time to learn all this by going to an institute and the prices for this coaching will be huge and I have to finance my college fees and how can I do what you are saying… right…no problem, if you want a solution for the above problems, read on…

There is an institute that provides world class training in software development and web designing right from the basics to advanced, is very friendly in terms of faculty, and to say the least they are highly cost effective.

I am talking about Harshida and her company. They have a great group of faculty, will guide you through this jungle of programming by holding your hand and to say the least, they are also providing online training for all the above mentioned courses.

So all I would say is that you should once just visit our youtube channelHarshida’s Youtube channel and later decide your pathway to success in the field of IT.

They are the torchbearers in this field and I suppose you would do nothing wrong in joining them.

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