Yes, that is correct, now you need and deserve a coffee break to your programming career. You started of with C, graduated to C++ and now may be are on php, asp, or whatever. But have you heard about the coffee miracle – JAVA. Yes it can be said the unofficial programming language of the internet. JAVA literally means coffee. So, in order to advance your career I suggest you go for a course in JAVA.

JAVA is a programming language that is robust, secure and has very few implementation dependencies. The main theme behind it is “write once, run anywhere”. It has become one of the most popular programming languages for client server web applications.

The important reason for learning JAVA will be, it forms a firm foundation for learning android, which is another amazing programming language for mobile application development or facebook application development.

Android, which literally means a robot, has taken the world by storm. And so, If you desire to learn android, java is a prerequisite to it. And even if you are not interested in learning Android, you can just be a java developer and get all the benefits of java alone. But once you learn java, android is the natural next path.

However the choice is entirely yours. Why java, as I said previously almost all internet applications use java in one form or the other. There are thousands of applets that are required for an application to perform smoothly. And all of these will be made in JAVA. So if you are serious about making a career in the field of programming, then your next destination is JAVA.

Now the next question where to learn java at an affordable rate. The answer that I would state to you, is that, Harshida and her team is the place to be if you want to learn java. They have a dedicated bunch of faculties who have in-depth and sound knowledge of java and would certainly make your java journey a dream. Also, they have a facility of live project, so that you can get real life experience before you actually plunge into the battlefield. And more, they offer a free online demo, so that’s the icing on the cake and you surely should register for that and experience the difference yourself.

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