Convert stateless to stateful widget flutter

In a previous blog post, we have discussed simple button click events using flutter and run our application. If you haven’t read it yet then please click here to read. LEARN FLUTTER. In this blog post, we will discuss 1) How to input data in your textbox using TextField() widget. We will also discuss the … Read more

How to use raised button flutter

How to use raised button flutter Let’s start our developing process, I hope you have read the my blog post “In Fluter Everything is widget“, if you yet not then please Click Here to Learn Flutter import ‘package:flutter/material.dart’; void main() { runApp(MyNewApp()); } Let’s understand line by line of code Import the material.dart. main function(), … Read more

Hello world in flutter

Hello world in flutter Flutter is cross-platform. When you create a new project using a flutter, at that time you will see some folder in which you will work and here some are works as a passive folder. Passive folder means it is there in your project but not be used or we can say … Read more

Why Flutter uses Dart

Why flutter uses Dart!!! In the field of programming, new languages are emerging day by day. If you are a programmer, you know the language of a computer (Like MVC, .NET Core, Java, PHP, Android etc) and you are working on it, then you may ask why I should study this new language? So here … Read more

Flutter is the only option!!!

Flutter is the only option!!! That was the question arises in your mind before starting your career as a flutter developer.Many other options allow us to create apps that are in one language and can work on Android and iOS devices. Forex. Ionic, React Native, and others. Each has its unique importance, pros, and cons. … Read more

What is Flutter?

Everything is a Widget, put everything in one Widget ??? You are reading this article just because you are interested to learn a new programming language or interested in developing a mobile app using FLUTTER. Before getting started let me give you definitions of some of the important keywords like “SDK”, “DART”, “NATIVE CODE”,” WIDGET”. … Read more