How to generate tokens using Dotnet core

How to generate tokens using Dotnet core, for an angular application. But the same code is used in your other application like if you are making API CALL from React or from other technology. Code in Visual Studio API Project. Step 1 ) Create a Security class in VS. Step 2) Install Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication.JwtBearer using Nuget … Read more

How to implement Auth Guard in Angular

Auth Guard in Angular, Read below steps to get more details !!!! Step 1) Create a Service file in your angular project. File Name:- Security.token.ts Step 2) Make sure that you have specified your MyAuth Guard in your Module.ts file. Step 3) Open your Routing file and on which page you want to apply the … Read more

Upload large size video using the Syncfusion | ASP.NET Core – EJ 2 Forums

How to upload large size video

Upload large size videos using the Syncfusion File upload controller? The below example is specifically for MVC DOT NET CORE. (Video size 3GB) You need to take 4 steps while you are interested to perform the task. 1) First Create web.config file in your MVC .NET Core Project. 2) Open your startup.cs file and in … Read more

Environment Variable name in Dotnet Core

What is Environment Variable in Dotnet Core? Developers uses various connection string while working in the developing field. For example, Localhost Connection String Test Server Connection String Production Server Connection String As professionals, we have to set up the connection string once and, based on our environment (Like Production OR Test OR Local), use them … Read more