Why Learn Adobe Illustrator?

Why Learn Adobe Illustrator? Can a person with web design(Adobe Illustrator) knowledge at home earn money? Can a person with web design(Adobe Illustrator) knowledge earn enough money to meet the needs of his family? In Coronavirus pandemic many people lose their jobs or, if they continue, see a pay cut. Now people are trying to … Read more

Earn money from internet

Earn money from internet Well again, here I am with something more interesting for your career. Yes !!! you can design your career on the internet. In fact, it is the most beautiful career that you would ever be able to make on the internet. Purely exquisite and so beautiful that when you are completed … Read more

How to become software developer

How to become software developer OK, So now you have decided to make a career in software programing. But what and how the hell will you make it to the top. Who will be your mentor, add fuel to your insatiable hunger to succeed in this brutal field of programing/ Let me try and help … Read more


TAMING Guys, can any one of you believe that a programing language as difficult and wild as php can be tamed by some one? And if yes then what does actually ‘taming’ mean. What I mean to say is that there is a firm/person by the name HARSHIDA who are going gung ho about how … Read more