What is unit testing in Angular

Blog Post Topic Testing means whatever the product or software is made by the developer is working fine as per the client requirement. There are several ways of testing like unit testing, Interated testing, System Testing, Acceptance testing. But the unit testing is basic building block while performing coding and testing. What is Unit Testing? … Read more

MVC Project using angular | Project Structure in Angular

In this blog post we are going to start our project for online shopping website using MVC and Angular. Here in this blog post we will see the Project structure.Follow the step as shown in down below images. And then we are good to go start our project. As a back-end we will use the … Read more

Convert stateless to stateful widget flutter

In a previous blog post, we have discussed simple button click events using flutter and run our application. If you haven’t read it yet then please click here to read. LEARN FLUTTER. In this blog post, we will discuss 1) How to input data in your textbox using TextField() widget. We will also discuss the … Read more

Activation Functions in Deep Neural Networks.

What is the activation function in a neural network? Deep learning is part or subfield of machine learning. The neural network is the most common category of deep learning algorithms. What is a Neural Network? In the previous blog post, we learned how to fit data in our model and get the output. Like whether … Read more

What is Simple Linear Regression

In the machine learning course, from the beginning, we had gone through what is the dependent variable in the machine learning model and what is the independent variable in the machine learning model. Now, it is time to utilize this variable and perform operation line Simple linear regression. If you haven’t any idea what is … Read more

The histogram in Python

What is a distribution plot in python? It is another technique to display the plot on canvas, which will display the histogram to us. So, moving further regarding the distribution plot first of all let’s understand what is histogram. In the previous blog post, we have learned how to use a dataset using seaborn, the … Read more