Install google drive

What is Google Drive? Google drive is place where you can place all your important document, photos,sheets and slides. Using google drive not only you can save your documents but also you can easily share them with your friends and family or your colleagues. But there is limitation of Google Drive, for free user you … Read more

Angular interview questions

How to Create Component without CSS and Test File? 2) How to install bootstrap in angular json file? 3) How to run angular in default browser?

What is the difference package.json and package-lock.json file in angular?

let’s try to understand with the help of example suppose you are working on the PC1 this PC1 contain your angular project right? Now you are interested to use the same code in another computer. Let’s say PC2. When you copy your project and paste into another PC what you need to do next is … Read more

How to use GIThub

What is use of GIT? It is used for version controlling. It is kind of version controlling system. Currently there are so many version controller’s present in the market some of them are premium also but nowadays people preferred to use GIT. Also we had VSTS, Microsoft was the authorized. Currently so many people used … Read more

Angular Interview question series part 1

Here we talk about the basic interview question which may be asked during your interview like 1) What is DOM (Document’s Object Model)? Your HTML code is loaded in the browser, in which, at the top level we have Browsers. If we want to use textbox then you need to write a document.getelementbyID. so when … Read more