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More followers on Instagram

How to Get More Followers on Instagram?

1) Connect with your friends, family members, your customer by sending them messages that I am using Instagram for more updates please subscribe to my Instagram account.

2) By providing services like CASH Giveaways is a great option to grow more subscribers. Also monthly or weekly vouchers if the user/ customer gives a correct review regarding the post.


Just click on the checkbox nearer to the KEYWORD. When you click on the right sidebar the tag gets added up to 30 at a time.

What is influencer marketing?

It is a great way to target clients.

Collaborate with the influencers like the account which has a thousand followers. If this account will share your product on the storyboard then imagine how much amount of audience can view your product and website.

Gather user information

When the customer placed the order at that time asked for the mobile number and email address. Using this data create a sheet. Later when new products and new offers are there in your store send them SMS or mail. This is how you can engage your customer by providing them a COUPON CODE in the mail WITH a SPECIFIC TIME Period, for example, “USE THE COUPON CODE FOR NEXT 24 HOURS ONLY”.

Review and feedback

Whenever the customer gives and feedback in chat or in the post, Screenshot every dialog and share it on your storyboard. So, based on this other customer can get the idea how friendly services is provided by you.

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