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To start Instagram marketing and earn money is not that much easy but if you follow the steps which I have specified below you can easily gain more customers as well as followers and become rich.

Let’s just start using example of COACH.

Suppose you are coach and interested to sell the product then

1) Offer FREE Product, like here some demo lectures.

2) In festival season sell your course at a cheap price, like for example, if you buy my product during a specific time (DIWALI) then we will provide you the student support once a week.

3) Examine your competitors how they perform by following them in Instagram.

4) Set your GOAL.

5) We have several tools using it you can find our your competitors and also check the activity.

Click here to open ingramer

Click here to open PROFILE ANALYZER

6) To find your competitors.

Click on the search button.

Down below you will see the result, find them using the user name.

How to search user in instagram?

Click on Follow button and start following, always keep eye on the account.

How to analyze an Instagram account using Profile Analyzer?

First, you need to open the link which I have specified above.

In the text box specify the id of the user to whom you want to keep track of the activity.

Here you go, you can see all the activity deatils. Create a sheet and keep the record.

What NEXT?

What is USP (Unique selling point)?

Our main target is to sell as much as possible. it does not mean to sell the product or service at a cheap price but instead, provide USP ( Unique selling point ).

USP means providing better service, training and consulting, placement services, Interview session, etc… for our current example. For your job, you can think about your own way. What kind of USP you can include.

USP can boost your Instagram profile and boost your confidence as well.

Keywords in your profile name, It is good practice to add the keyword in your profile for a better search.

Coming soon with the new tips and tricks to improve to improve your instagram sell. Click Here

Till then if you are interested to learn ANGULAR THEN PLEASE CLICK HERE



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