Activation Functions in Deep Neural Networks.

What is the activation function in a neural network? Deep learning is part or subfield of machine learning. The neural network is the most common category of deep learning algorithms. What is a Neural Network? In the previous blog post, we learned how to fit data in our model and get the output. Like whether … Read more

What is Simple Linear Regression

In the machine learning course, from the beginning, we had gone through what is the dependent variable in the machine learning model and what is the independent variable in the machine learning model. Now, it is time to utilize this variable and perform operation line Simple linear regression. If you haven’t any idea what is … Read more

The histogram in Python

What is a distribution plot in python? It is another technique to display the plot on canvas, which will display the histogram to us. So, moving further regarding the distribution plot first of all let’s understand what is histogram. In the previous blog post, we have learned how to use a dataset using seaborn, the … Read more

Seaborn library in Python and Machine Learning?

In machine learning, when we are working with the real record at that time to understand it a better way, we need a graph or chart or plot whatever word you say. In simple words, to draw a graph we had used a matplotlib. Now here we have another library named seaborn. It also works … Read more

What is subplot in matplotlib

What is subplot in matplotlib In previous blog post we have discussed about, different ways to plot like, 1) Functional method 2) Object-Oriented method. If you haven’t seen the Functional method Click here to read more. Now let’s discuss how to plot using the Object-Oriented method. But before that let’s design our plot using “fontdict” … Read more

What is regression in machine learning !!!

What is regression in machine learning !!! If we want to predict the continuous value at that time, we use the regression model. The regression model further has branch-like linear and non-linear. First of all, let’s take the basic concept, History of linear regression. The concept of Linear regression was coming into the picture in … Read more